for clinicians looking to take charge of their own happiness
and health.


A physiotherapist and workshop facilitator dedicated to empower clinicians to live happy and fulfilling lives. I deliver workshops on clinician wellness, burnout prevention, and personal development. 

Through my own struggles with burnout, this transformed into a passion to study positive psychology: what makes people happy, healthy, and loving their life. When people are happy, they thrive in all aspects of their life: their health, relationships, personal achievements, and work.

I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to empower them with the tools to thrive.

My name is Anna

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Feeling drained, depleted, always stressed from work? 

Trust me, you are not alone

I am here to provide you with
the strategies to thrive.

Topics include fostering a growth mindset, building resilience in teams, and positive psychology in healthcare. 

Engaging workshops 
for motivated clinicians

Anna delivers interactive and fun workshops that are meant to inspire “Aha!” moments, and develop a sense of connection with your team members.


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