Through my own struggles with burnout, it transformed into a passion for understanding what makes people happy. When people are happy, they perform better in their relationships, personal achievements, and work.

You’re not alone if you are struggling, there are strategies to help improve your situation. 
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Like many that work in healthcare, I entered the workforce with excitement, a deep love for my profession, and a drive to help others. 

Early in my career, I encountered a very challenging population that was suffering from abuse, mental illness, and chronic pain . I took a lot of painful stories home with me, often thinking about my patients during my free time. I started withdrawing from friends, getting into arguments with people closest to me and just not enjoying life. I knew something was wrong when I would cry frequently.

I’m a physiotherapist, workshop facilitator, and eternal optimist

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Unfortunately, my story is not unique. All professions that are relationship-intense, including healthcare workers, teachers, managers, are prone to burnout
and compassion fatigue. 

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